Tell it to SunStar: Pandemic to Pandemonium

I AM writing to you with regard to an issue that is taking a back seat to the current pandemic which also concerns the Philippines. Because governments around the world were ill prepared for the outbreak, the world is now going through a pandemic. Governments around the world have forced businesses to close down as they would like to say here in the Philippines “UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.” Well and good, if businesses will just shut down for a month or two.

But what happens if governments still would like to see business closed for another six months or even until the time a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) becomes available? How then will millions of people without jobs support themselves and their families?

What kind of preparations are being made by the PH government and governments around the world if the economic downturn continues to linger or worse slide further for the foreseeable future?

For me the peoples of the world need to demand answers from their governments this early.

Getting caught with our pants down with a pandemic is bad enough.

Getting caught in a possible PANDEMONIUM because our governments did not prepare for a long-term economic downturn where the jobless and their families are pushed into a corner and become desperate, will be a scenario fraught with consequences that is nothing short of unspeakable for society.

Don't get me wrong. Its not to say that the shutdown is not without purpose. But remember, when families start to get cornered by the economic downturn, without meaningful government intervention, fear of what the virus can do takes a back seat to the need to survive. Civil unrest could plunge society in the PH and the rest of the world into chaos.

I suggest the Filipinos start asking their government the hard questions this early so they can be prepared for a possible scenario that is from Pandemic to Pandemonium. (By Jonathan Utonium)