Tell it to SunStar: Panelo brings (dis)honor upon our country

Queen Natalie Tuason

TRUE to his position, Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo never fails to defend, praise and likewise close-mindedly abide by what our high and mighty President does and says. His controversial statements and comments on critical issues are without a doubt an abomination to his position as the presidential spokesperson and chief legal counsel of the President.

This person’s latest blood-boiling, gut-wrenching and bent-out-of-shape remark about the mass transport crisis arising from disruptions in LRT2 operations is so speculative not to mention fallacious in so many levels. He denies that there is a crisis just because people can still get to their destinations and to add salt to the wound, he advises the public to leave their houses much earlier to get to their destinations. It is as if he warns us not to put the blame on the government and to just accept the reality of hellish commute and the burden of adjusting to these conditions lies within us.

And now, to prove a point, this person accepted the “challenge” to commute—to ride the jeepney and LRT—going in to work. What is he thinking? Is this some kind of mockery to the actual experiences and sentiments of the commuting public? Does he really think that riding the public transport can make him “one of us”? Does he really think that this will actually make him comprehend the pain of everyday commute? A big no! We don’t even mean for him to actually experience the horrible commute because it is already all over the news. This person just needs to stop denying it! We just want this government to acknowledge that a mass transport crisis exists so that it can do something about it.

This person’s best and brightest comments make me lose all hope in this government. But one thing is for sure; he is doing one hell of a job in lawyering for the President.