Tell it to SunStar: The problem with easing of face mask protocol

·1 min read

What’s the big deal about making the wearing of masks optional? Is it about fulfilling everyone’s desire to finally end the pandemic?

Lifting the mandatory wearing of face masks in outdoor settings is practically letting our people get rid of their masks altogether.

Can we not see that even when the past policy on mandatory wearing of face masks was still in effect, many of our countrymen did not bother to wear (or wear properly) their masks?

If we allow the people to take their masks off in “safe, uncrowded, outdoor areas,” something ugly could happen—an increase in the number of Covid-19 infections.

Who wants to wear a mask every single day in public? Not everyone, for sure. The reason? Because it’s uncomfortable. Sure, the coronavirus will not go away. Is this enough reason to ease the mask protocol in outdoor settings?

Now, who wants another surge of Covid-19 cases across the country? No one. I’m sure of that.

The Christmas season is here. Malls and other commercial establishments will again become meccas of mass gathering.

Have we forgotten what happened last year after the same season, the season most loved by entrepreneurs and pleasure lovers? There was a surge of new Covid-19 cases. Remember that?

Why can’t we wait a little longer, even just until January 2023, for us to decide on the face mask protocol?