Tell it to SunStar: Purpose of the Bible

Chito E. Germino

GOD wants us to study the Bible so that we will know how to please Him. We can please Him by obeying His commandments.

His commandments have no use in heaven after we die. His commandments, if obeyed, can make heaven on earth, while we are still on earth, alive and kicking. But preachers imparted in the minds of people to aim for heaven after death. Why do we have to wait for our death to go to heaven?

Earth will become a beautiful place and like heaven if all people would behave according to Jesus’s teachings.

So, the purpose of the Bible is for people to learn how to make heaven on earth. We have to study the perfect people in the Bible and learn to imitate them. We have to study the errors of some Bible characters, so that we can avoid making the same mistakes.