Tell it to SunStar: Is the quarrel real?

·1 min read

Aren’t we just taken for a ride in the recent quarrel between President Rodrigo Duterte and Sen. Manny Pacquiao?

You see, this may just be a diversionary tactic so that they will corner our daily news to themselves. They are stealing our attention from many other newsmakers and issues of the day, such as our vaccination supplies and all.

They may seem to be quarreling now so that when the time comes, they might just form a solid tandem. This could be a trick they are playing on us.

As Senator Pacquiao always says, he respects the President and doesn’t want to quarrel with the President. “Ayaw kong magalit ang President sa akin,” Pacquiao said in a press conference once.

So maybe we must be cautious about this.

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