Tell it to SunStar: Reacting to Sievert’s opinion

REGARDING Rodrigo Duterte’s loyal henchmen Bong Go and Bato dela Rosa, I totally agree with Democrito Barcenas’ contention that the two are “intellectual Lilliputians.” Let me add that they are amoral men devoid of principles who rode on the President’s coattails so as to attain the ranks of power.

It’s laughable for Jesus Sievert to declare that they are”educated and successful in their own right and are learning fast in their new jobs.” He glosses over the fact that they are not lawyers. Bato’s “success” has mainly been in his devotion to his boss in carrying out his unpalatably murderous orders, and Go’s involves being a complete lapdog and yes man to his master.

To claim that the two “are learning fast in their new jobs” means they were never qualified to become senators in the first place since that job requires a level of expertise and dedication to fulfill the role of serving the country.

I find incredible Sievert’s assertion that our leaders and politicians are of “different strokes that are appropriate for different times.” Indeed what is required in these difficult times that the country faces is for men of integrity and experience who know that their role is to be public servants, not self-serving egotistic men exhuding mindlessness and ambition. That’s the tragedy of the Philippines because too many of its leaders today have no scruples and standards. (By Tess Manzano)