Tell it to SunStar: Remulla’s sense of justice

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It is heartwarming that the incoming Justice secretary, Rep. Jesus Crispin Remulla of Cavite’s 7th District, intends to introduce reforms to improve the Department of Justice and that he said he will order a review on Leila de Lima’s case—to (hopefully) do justice to the lady senator who has been languishing in jail for five years already and possibly set her free.

However, Representative Remulla sounded lately (and oddly) like an avid, zealous fan of social media.

Social media is a wonderful advancement in technology and does a lot of good things to people and nations. But, alas, it doesn’t augur well for Remulla as the nation’s future chief dispenser of justice when he recently chided the mainstream media in favor of social media. Does he know that social media is also permeated with fake news and disinformation? Lies and distortions also abound in the big, blinding, deceptive, destructive, virtual world of the so-called netizens, many of whom are trolls.

May I ask Mr. Remulla, with due respect: How can social media equalize everything? What can be more wicked and potent these days than social media in brainwashing people? Enigma (next to injustice) is the least we need in the Department of Justice.

Hence, it is foreboding (not heartwarming) that a Jesus Crispin Remulla would soon become our next Secretary of Justice.

He would certainly carry his brand (or sense) of justice to his task; by doing his task, he would lead the nation in dispensing “justice” (?) for the people.

And what about the criticisms with regard to his impending appointment because of his mindset on certain issues, e.g. his red-tagging of the community pantries? Patricia Non, the pioneer of Maginhawa community pantry is “very uncomfortable” with his designation. She has warned, “I don’t know what kind of justice system we will have under his reign.”

Who is brainwashed? Instead of applauding the philanthropic, unselfish hearts of the benevolent people who were behind the laudable, inspiring endeavors in feeding the hungry and the starved among us at the height of Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, Remulla downright imputed malice, hurled accusations indiscriminately, and he unfairly, outrageously red-tagged them.

Thus, who could not be alarmed at his appointment and wonder what reforms he is going to effect in the DOJ?

Dear Mr. President-elect, Mr. Remulla is far from divine just like all other human beings on the planet but I pray that your appointee would live up to his name, which is Jesus.

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