Tell it to SunStar: Reply to Dino

By Tess Manzano

WHAT a silly and puerile attack Secretary for the Visayas Michael Dino made against City Councilor Joy Young. Young was being realistic in stating that Duterte’s grandiose plan to construct a skyrail type of transport for Cebu might not be realistic or achievable. Where would the money come from to finance such a project--his cronies with connections China? Young was being polite not to say the plan is just a lot of hot air like so much of what Duterte constantly spouts. Dino had to resort to ad hominem remarks because he could not muster a logical reply to that problem.

Everyone knows that Duterte’s pronouncements often don’t amount to a hill of beans. Remember how he said he’d jetski to the Spratleys to show China they are part of Philippine territory? And how he’d solve the drug problem in six months? And how he would end Endo? One only has to look around and see that poverty continues to be part of our landscape. Duterte has done little to solve that problem, but his lackeys will continue to sing his praises in the face of the reality around them.