Tell it to SunStar: Response to Nalzaro

I HAVE maintained that all assets and liabilities that I own have been appropriately reflected in my SALNs filed for the period covering 2017 (my fiscal position before I joined government) and 2018. Take note that I have been in government service for only 24 months.

Since he (Bobby Nalzaro) already requested for a lifestyle check against me at the office of the Visayas Ombudsman, I would suggest that he respects the process to which he himself requested.

The burden of proof rests on the accuser, and it is apparent how Bobby Nalzaro’s credibility reflects on his latest antic. He confuses conjectures with fact, borne out of habit. Obviously owing to his perturbation of the direct accusation I made against him having received a huge sum of money with the mutual agreement of Nalzaro and the financier that such exchange was meant to compromise his integrity as a mediaman. In short, na-rattle na ni siya kay di man siya maka-deny nga nidawat ni siya ug kwarta gikan nako kaniadto.

As we are on the subject, may I ask what is the position of the SunStar Editorial Board, having been made aware for some time already of the accusations I have made against Nalzaro, which is a direct compromise on “generally acceptable and ethical” media practice?

(Note: SunStar editors sought Caindec’s side and decided to publish it with Nalzaro’s latest commentary on a lifestyle check on the LTO 7 chief in the interest of fairness.)