Tell it to SunStar: Responsible pet ownership

·1 min read

I am a lover of dogs, which is why I no longer keep them as pets because I had a hard time coping with the emotional pain every time I would lose one of them.

I took good care of my dogs. I made sure they had enough food to eat and had ample time and space to exercise. I also made sure they were vaccinated.

Friends often chided me for spending so much on my pets even though they were only “Bisaya.” But I never cared about their pedigree. Dogs love their humans unconditionally. The least I could do was to return the favor.

My beef is with owners who let their dogs roam the streets at night. Don’t you ever wonder were the dogs go during the day? At any rate, not only do the dogs pose a danger to pedestrians, but they also litter the streets with their poop. Which brings me to owners who walk their dogs. Please clean up after your dog. The sidewalk is not your dog’s private toilet.

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