Tell it to SunStar: On Rizal Day

WE COMMEMORATED the Filipino nationalist, Jose Rizal, who was executed through extrajudicial killing. As we remember Rizal, we should also remember his advocacy on equal rights, good and fair justice system and just education.

Rizal taught us to fight against manipulation done by people in power. During his time, disinformation or fake news was rampant also. Propaganda against them were deployed to the masses to change the narrative of the reality. But Rizal never quit; he continued exposing the social realities and stood still fighting against an oppressive state.

A lot of people gathered in the monuments of Rizal all over the country. Offering flowers, songs, and traditional dances and talents. But is this really what Rizal wanted?

Would Rizal be happy when History class was removed from our basic education curriculum because our concept of education is an education that serves other states? Because K-12 molds us to become job-ready abroad? And our knowledge on the “El Filibusterismo,” “Noli Mi Tangere,” “La Liga Filipina,” and “La Solidaridad” and the stories of the oppressed Philippines are becoming less to nothing?

Would Rizal be grateful for the revisionism that intends to free and clear the dictatorial regime of the Marcoses?

Would Rizal be proud in the way we conceal the bad realities of corruption, impunity and lack of quality education?

Is this what our heroes wanted us to see? (Karlowe C. Brier)