#Tell_it_to_SunStar: A road menace?

·1 min read

By a Cebu City resident

Is Metro Cebu really ready for public utility buses?

I ask this question because there have been several road accidents involving PUBs.

I saw the video of the collision between a Ceres bus and an ambulance over the weekend. The bus driver claimed he didn’t hear the ambulance’s siren, which is why he didn’t stop at the intersection that resulted in the ambulance ramming the bus.

I also read about motorcycles and bicycles getting sideswiped by buses.

Understandably, these bus drivers are not used to plying narrow streets. Before the government allowed their operation in the metro, these buses plied provincial routes. So maybe the bus drivers need to undergo a seminar on city driving to avoid accidents.

I believe slowly phasing out traditional jeepneys and replacing them with modern beeps and buses is the future of public transportation in Metro Cebu. However, if these accidents continue, government may have second thoughts.