Tell it to SunStar: On Senate yesteryears

A COLUMN praised the old senate with senators like Benigno, Tañada, Diokno, Salonga etc.

It clearly tries to show the leaders of the past as better, more learned than what we have today.

There was a ridicule of two present senators. We should know that we are not as great a nation as before and many thanks to the brainy leaders of the past.

The writer seems not to realize the slow degradation of our national standing starting from 1950s until today.

So for what cause then, we should be harping around for our past leaders when we are really falling behind our Asian neighbors because of them.

We should not criticize outright the present kids on the block in the Senate. They have just started on their act.

Bato and Go were elected not because of their brain but because they deliver and that’s what people want. H’wag na yung pulos daldalan.

We can’t be stricken with dementia not to realize that the cream of the crop we believe we have in yesteryears has actually made us now the laughing stock in Asia and the most undisciplined. (By Marian May Tan)