Tell It to SunStar: On shaming teachers

By Jake Flourence Camasura

TEACHERS serve as second parents to students. Their work is not that easy as counting “one, two, three,” for teaching in front of 30-plus learners is an onerous work, especially in most public schools. Adjusting to different learners’ characteristics and needs requires a lot of patience. But despite these scourging challenges, our teachers still undoubtedly put their best efforts to implement their mandate to give valuable lessons to their learners.

Recently, a famous radio television program is now in hot water for assuring to remove the license of a teacher after a disciplinary incident. The program anchor warned about what would happen to the teacher.

I think this is really unfair. This is not just to the teacher concerned, but also to all teachers in this country. If this issue persists, teachers can be vulnerable anytime to administrative cases. Worse, if it leads to removal of their licenses.

It is a violation to their right to legal due process. Even if she really did it on purposely or not, the teacher still has the right to presumption of innocence. She still has the right to be heard.

Only in a judicial court can administrative or criminal cases be declared. If modern curriculum see teachers as only facilitators and good manners and right conduct begin at home, why blame the teachers?

Learners way back in the 1990s did not even put a big deal to their experiences even though teachers at that time were still allowed to do corporal punishment. He who spares his rod hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines him promptly (Proverbs 13:24).

We must remember that punishment is what you do to someone; but discipline is what you do for someone. If you don’t want your child to be disciplined and molded to be a better person, then don’t send him/her to school.

Every time we see teachers teaching in front of their learners, we cannot see what problems the teachers face. They have also their personal necessities for they are also humans.

They try to hide these so that these won’t affect their teaching. Years of studying education, years of teaching and serving lead to nothing because of just one incident? That’s unfair.

The existence of Republic Act 4670, or the Magna Carta for Public School Teachers, provides protection and empowers the rights of every public teachers.

They do not deserve to receive public ignominy and disgrace for they do not just only serve the learners themselves; they are also serving the public’s best interests. Schools are the place where a child develops into an adult.

Life is the same in school. It doesn’t need to be perfect, for perfection does not guarantee you to conquer afflictions. So I’m calling all teachers not to surrender their virtues and principles, continue as long as it is in a good way.