Tell it to SunStar: A shining light

IT REALLY is strange that people like Jesus Sievert thinks President Rodrigo Duterte is a fine leader despite his twisted politics and thuggish behavior.

He even goes as far as to term the extrajudicial killings (EJKs) “alleged” when, if the layers of lies are peeled off, it would show that EJKs were genuine summary executions sanctioned by the administration. Let’s not forget the case of the “ninja” cops.

Sievert turns on Vice President Leni Robredo without acknowledging that she had accepted Duterte’s challenge, which was apparently made in hopes that she’d be silenced. Then the President pulled out the rug from under her after a mere three weeks of effort, just as she was buckling down to serious work.

Apparently, Duterte did not want her to unearth more skulduggery that would implicate his administration further. His cohorts then got busy hurling negativity her way in hopes of derailing her. But she has come off the whole ordeal with clean hands, compared to all those mired in the swamp of deception.

Duterte sycophants like Sievert would really be educated by reading the column of Manuel Quezon III in the Jan. 9th issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The perceptive Quezon casts a sober eye on the whole business of the EJKs and the sensible recommendations suggested by Robredo that are needed to tackle such an intractable problem.

But the massive disgusting partisanship in higher circles has mainly succeeded in muddying the waters and confusing the general public.

One thing for sure is that, compared to Bongbong of the despised Marcos dynasty, Robredo is a shining light who has been speaking truth to power. Those of us without jaundiced eyes know she will make a good President who could restore a sense of decency in government and hope for this beleaguered country. (By Tess Manzano)