Tell it to SunStar: A sight to the past

I AM writing to express my sentiments on the documentary film titled “Kingmaker”, written and directed by one of the most talented filmmakers in the world, Lauren Greenfield.

“Kingmaker” focuses on the Marcos regime, including that of the controversial political sentiments of the Marcoses and the Aquinos.

Greenfield and all people behind the film are to be commended for portraying the history in an unbiased and unbigoted manner.

The side of the Marcoses regarding the controversies thrown at them, including their ill-gotten wealth and alleged ordering of the killing of Ninoy Aquino, were addressed and heard. It is amazing to note how Greenfield had so much access to the Marcoses.

As one not yet born when martial law and the People Power Revolution happened, it is such a wonderful experience to be able to be brought back to the past.

People from the past, such as the Marcoses, comrades of the Marcoses, the Aquinos, some public officers, activists and a number of victims, were interviewed in this film — giving teenagers like me an access to different points of view, making it easier for us to open our eyes on the truth that hides behind dark shadows of Philippine history.

It is scary to know how our history is little-by-little revised, how the names of the Marcoses are slowly being purified and how near they are to having power returned to them.

Some are still lured by the melodrama and wealth of the Marcoses. Some just forgive and forget. But some are unaffected by reason of ignorance and unawareness of the past.

It is time we became aware. It is time we took a stand regardless of political names. The Philippines should be led by the people and for the people. (By Aliah Shaira Maur, SSCR law student)