Tell It to SunStar: A spiritual brother

By Chito Germino, Paknaan, Mandaue City

SOMEWHERE along the way, I met a spiritual brother. His job is to insult me if he does not like what I say.

But what I say is the truth. So I insult him back.

That is also my job as his spiritual brother.

Trading insults is the best way to learn from each other. And the best way to ferret out the truth.

We must learn from each other. Like iron sharpens another iron.

I do not consider my spiritual brother, my enemy. But even if I do, I still have to obey Jesus.

He said: “Love your enemy.” To love your enemy, you have to consider him as a friend.

Why not? Your enemy gives you favor, by correcting you when you are wrong; by teaching you when you are ignorant; and by loving you when no one else does.

The historical truths cannot be changed because they already occured. Neither can the eternal truths because they were already written.

The only thing we can do is to preach them, so that all may achieve perfection.