Tell it to SunStar: Success for Bongbong Marcos; no regrets, please

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Filipinos must support the incoming administration in spite of whoever they voted for last May 9. It now behooves us to do our part as one people, not as a red, yellow, blue, green, orange or a pink.

We have no other choice but to heed the plea of president-elect Bongbong Marcos: “I ask you all, pray for me, wish me well. I want to do well because when a president does well, the country does well.”

Well said. But we wish his ears and heart to be open to the voice of reason when his moves and policies are opposed or criticized because he has no other way to go but succeed.

No bullheaded, calloused, ruthless, politics-driven, selfish president has ever succeeded anywhere in the world.

Hear this my dear fellow countrymen: Elections, for me, are more of a test of the people’s heart rather than exercising the right to vote or not.

Corruption, criminality and all sorts of hideousness and wrongdoing in the government and society start during elections. These are indications of an awful governance to come.

Consider the practice or habit of vote-buying, cheating, pretending (to be a good leader), killing (of political enemies), trolling, fake news spinning, bribing and accepting bribes (“donations”), “utang na loob” (debt of gratitude), celebrity politics, “Kamaganak Inc.” (nepotism, political dynasty), blind allegiance to politicians, church endorsement, overspending and illegal campaigning—all these, and more, are writings on the wall for a people who could err by not choosing the right leaders.

So let us live with our choices and hope for the best in the coming months and years.

But if our expectations are betrayed and shattered anew, and the opposite happens, then we could sulk and brood, but we have no right to complain. And no regrets, please.

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