Tell it to SunStar: Teachers, vaccines are essentials

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By Rosan Capuyan Quimco

HOW reassuring it is to imagine that the majority of the population nationwide would complete their vaccination (two doses each), which the government said would result in “population protection” that our country must achieve to free ourselves from the pandemic devastation and pave the way for the return of our normal lives.

I learned from the authorities, via the media, that the vaccine is one vital layer of protection for us from Covid-19. It keeps us far from getting severe infection of the virus and keeps us far from transmitting the disease to others. It enhances the other layers of protection that the standard health protocols provide.

This matter is something for us to be grateful for. Amid the devastating swarm of the pandemic, God has given us the inspiration and strength to carry on -- the vaccine -- and keeps aflame the candles of our hope for a return possibly to the way we were.

However, it has been reported that, despite the vaccine, there are still many who don’t believe it or afraid of it, causing them to reject it or don’t want to get vaccinated. Misinformation or fake news on bad effects of the vaccine caused this hesitancy of the public. Many were also made to believe that one brand of vaccine is better than another.

This saddened me personally because how can we resolve this pandemic if we would reject the solution to it, or protection from it? Is there a better option than the vaccine? Because I learned from the Department of Health that majority of those who have severe Covid-19 are found to be unvaccinated.

I am just an ordinary citizen, yet I saw the importance of the vaccine and its “herd immunity” goal. Hopefully, others should have the same perception, be united in the fight against Covid-19, and listen to the government’s prodding for all to get vaccinated.

I am a public school teacher by profession, and I share the apprehensions that even the supposed classes re-opening in September might be delayed due to the rising number of pandemic positives. Or it might face some snags along the way, unforeseen as it is now.

With the prospect of classes re-opening, however, it would be prudent for us now to start getting vaccinated, then get fully vaccinated with the second dose before the classes start. Thus I am urging my fellow teachers, and the students as well, to get their jabs now.

Certainly, getting vaccinated shall remain a voluntary act and a personal decision. But if teachers and students want a safer environment, especially in face-to-face set-up, I agree with the goal of the vaccine proponents.

Education is an essential sector; teachers and students are its principal characters. It is essential to the re-opening of the country’s economy, essential to the life of a nation, essential to our lives and the society.

We must be on the same boat of unity, cooperation and understanding in order to overcome Covid-19. In addition, we shall continue to follow minimum health standards, and we shall understand that the vaccines are all about our protection to stop the spread of the virus.


Rosan Capuyan Quimco is head teacher of Kindergarten-Unity class of S. Duterte Elementary School, under Carmen District of DepEd’s Cebu Provincial Division.

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