Tell it to SunStar: Upgrading of seniors list

Rainier A. Belleza Jr.
·1 min read

I don’t fully agree with the present upgrading of the records of senior citizens in the city. I know it’s necessary, but it should have been done earlier. Why just now? It should have been implemented from the beginning. Not only the past administrations are to blame, but also the present dispensation being at the helm of the local government for over four years already.

Why not pattern the upgrading similar to the Annual Confirmation of SSS Pensioners at his/her birthday, as it is working effectively? One defect of the system is why require the latest picture of the senior citizen? This would create doubt and confusion. Can you easily recognize a person from his/her picture taken 20 years ago or more when he/she is now 80-85 years old with all hair turned white and balding, if a male? This is the sensible reason why the SSS does not require the latest photo of the pensioner. There are other effective ways to know if the recipient still exists. All you have to do is think carefully how you design your system and do away with unnecessary requirements.

Now, if the senior citizens have not upgraded their records, will you deprive them of their P4,000 last financial assistance for 2020 by not giving them cash cards this time? This needs to be answered.