Tell it to SunStar: Valuing our educational system

Galbert I. Tampus of Poblacion Pardo, Cebu City
·1 min read

With regards to the Opinion published in your newspaper last March 11, 2021, “Authenticity in Education” by Andy Uyboco of SunStar Davao, I totally disagree that there is too much artificiality going on in the educational system.

Even before the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic, students spent their time in school learning academic subjects and skills necessary in molding their intellect and judgment in this realistic world. Education is never forced or deliberately created to become artificial and unrealistic. The lessons learned in school are not compelled as the role of the teachers is to make the audience understand the theory and the application of the given subject. Students have the liberty not to memorize the mountains of information or grasp only what the mind can acquire. Quizzes, seatwork and exams are not designed to induce stress but to gauge the learners on how well they understand the lessons.

A good teacher can modify or simplify the discussion if it sees fit that a significant number of students do not understand the given topic. In this competitive world starting from home to school, we need to mold the students’ thinking ability/coping mechanism on how to adapt to the daily challenges of life.

Education is never a failure. It only becomes one if parents failed to discipline their children, making them spoiled brats. Furthermore, it is also a failure if teachers mistakenly apply the strategies of teaching and learning.

It will be a perilous journey if we do not let our kids understand to trust and value our educational system.