Tell it to SunStar: Wednesday ‘debacle’

Ursula Relampago

PHOTOS of senior citizens flocking to the Cebu City Hall to claim their financial assistance from the City Government were circulating even before last Wednesday, June 10, 2020.

So city officials can’t well claim they didn’t know about it.

I remember pointing out to my spouse the one that came out on June 8.

It showed people seated on white Monobloc chairs outside City Hall. What caught my attention was the elderly lady who was forced to sit at the base of a tree because there were no seats available. She was on the lower right-hand side of the photo.

I thought that the curfew for those 60 years old and above was still up, I told my spouse. It is, she said. So why did the City Government allow them to leave their homes and go to City Hall? She shrugged.

Apparently, no one made such a fuss about it until last Wednesday, when the elderly the government has sworn to protect from the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic were exposed to the elements.

I don’t know how many caught a cold or a chill as a result, but I hope they’re all right. If not, I hope they’re getting proper medical attention.

And that’s what the City Government should be concerned about. And only that.