Tell it to SunStar: Workers, too

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has directed all local officials in Metro Manila and the Philippine National Police to ensure that students are not seen around in movie centers, malls, public markets, and other crowded places.

We would like to emphasize, however, that the students are not the only one vulnerable to the disease. The government must respond as well on the concerns raised by other sectors including our workers.

Let us be vigilant as well that this response from the government will not be used to repress the legitimate demands of the people (e.g. gatherings and assemblies) especially that there is no specific period of implementation for this order.

We must demand immediate actions from the government that directly address this public health issue—such as providing free test kits for the people and making health accessible to everyone.

We support efforts that aim to prevent further spread of COVID-19 among the Filipino. We call on all student councils in the country to assist in information dissemination and preventive measures in our schools, barangays, provinces and cities. (By National Union of Students of the Philippines