Tell it to SunStar: World War III imminent?

Renester P. Suralta
·2 min read

MERCURY is rising among the world powerful countries across the globe. In the first quarter of this year, America claimed responsibility for bombing Iran which took the lives of top military officials and hardcore groups. Unfortunately, Iran failed to retaliate against US strategic targets.

In the second quarter, pandemic hit the world. China was held responsible for the human-induced disaster by America. The tension escalates further between these two countries in addition to the unresolved issue in the South China Sea.

In the third quarter, India and China’s relationship go intense because of border disputes. Casualties on both sides were severe and serious. India invited Australia to its Malabar naval exercises that will also include forces from the US and Japan.

The annual Malabar naval exercise began in 1992 between the United States and India, with Japan becoming a permanent participant since 2015. According to the report the expanded Malabar exercise is aimed at China.

Also relations between Australia and China declined rapidly after Canberra called for an independent international investigation into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic. In response, Beijing retaliated with restrictive measures targeted at Australian products of beef and barley.

In 2017 the Quad security alliance, made up of the US, India, Japan, and Australia was reformed. The four Quad powers plan to “work together and uphold peace and stability across the region.”

According to some political analyst and military experts the present alliance of Quad powers aim at China aggression in the West Philippine Sea. The recent coalition of the US, India, Japan, and Australia in the region is not just military drills but a show of force against China.

If military tension in the region remains unabated the possibility of World War III to erupt in the region is not improbable. Consequently, if Russia and North Korea will enter the scene and backs China it will be the ace of spades in global proportion.