Ten flavors of Windows 8 bared in preview registry

There may be as many flavors or "editions" of Windows 8, Microsoft's upcoming flagship operating system, a Windows 8 enthusiast blog said over the weekend.

Windows8Beta.com said the flavors appeared in the registry of Windows 8's recently released consumer preview version.

A screenshot posted on the site indicated that these flavors likely include:

Windows 8 Enterprise Edition Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation Edition Windows 8 Home Basic Edition Windows 8 Home Premium Edition Windows 8 Prerelease ARM Edition Windows 8 Prerelease Edition Windows 8 Professional Edition Windows 8 Professional Plus Edition Windows 8 Starter Edition Windows 8 Ultimate Edition

"We already knew that Windows 8 ARM would be released, but seeing Windows 8 professional plus in the list was definitely a surprise," it added.

But a separate article in PC Magazine said Microsoft has advised the public not to read too much into it.

"We have not yet determined the editions or SKUs we will have for Windows 8 ... During the testing process, we routinely listen to customer feedback in finalizing our offerings, to ensure they are competitive in the marketplace and offer a compelling value proposition to customers," it quoted Microsoft as saying in a statement.

PC Mag added over one million people have downloaded the Consumer Preview. — TJD, GMA News