Tens of thousands evacuated from floods in China

From the air, the devastation in Zhengzhou (JUNG-JO) is seen at its worst.

Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated from the industrial hub in China's central Henan province.

And dams and reservoirs have swelled to warning levels as rainfall levels shattered records.

Dozens have died in the province over the last few days, a number of them in a flooded subway, where the waters reached shoulder level, as seen in this eyewitness video from Tuesday (July 20).

Yang Yanling is the mother of two daughters. Clutching her little girl's hand, she said she's been trapped in her home for three days.

"Because we are scared and worried there will be no food or drinks anymore. As we had no contact with the outside world. The family and relatives cannot contact us, they must be very worried, and we are also very anxious. And we are also worried and afraid that there will be more serious floods. Both the first and second floors of the basement were flooded with water so that we are worried about our life safety."

Bulldozers were used to pull people to safety, with some desperately clinging to the machines for a chance to escape.

More rain is forecast across Henan for the next three days.

And the People's Liberation Army has sent more than 5 and a half thousand soldiers and personnel to help with search and rescue.