The dawn of 'Nancy Binay 'jokes'

Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom
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Win or lose, senatorial candidate Nancy Binay (UNA) can be sure her campaign is now one for the books.

Joke books, that is.

Since the vice-presidential daughter and mother of four was drafted into the opposition UNA slate, her credentials have been under intense scrutiny.

It didn’t help that the 39-year-old refused to debate fellow candidate Risa Hontiveros (Team PNoy).

Nor was her assertion that helping her dad, former Makati City mayor and now Vice President Jejomar Binay, constituted “on-the-job training for more than 20 years.”

Netizens quickly jumped on the statement, creating the Twitter hashtag #OJTparinsiNancyBinay.

Some of the tweets using the hashtag are funny, some vicious, others openly racist.

They not only poke fun at Binay’s lack of credentials, they also joke about her homely appearance and dark complexion, with such hashtags as #TeamKadiliman.

Call them Erap jokes for millennials.