The Life Edit Podcast on holidays: 'Gramping', childhood beaches and dog seatbelts

Watch: Dog seatbelts are a thing

Love podcasts, and looking for the one that covers everything important in the world? The one that comes in bitesized, digestible episodes and makes you laugh, think, and want to join in the chat?

That would be The Life Edit, Yahoo Life's brand new podcast, where each episode, senior lifestyle editor Flic Everett speaks to the experts about the big topics on our radar.

The latest episode of the Life Edit podcast is all about how to holiday post-pandemic.

Senior Lifestyle Editor Flic welcomes Yahoo travel writer Anya Meyerowitz to talk big family getaways, childhood nostalgia, and how to take your pet on a trip without going barking mad.

corgi puppy and a cute tabby cat stuck their muzzles and paws out of the car window during a summer trip
Pets on road trips: Hangin' out the passenger side of their best friend's ride. (Getty Images)

"Thousands of people got dogs during the pandemic" says Anya, "There's now a much greater need for holiday properties to allow dogs, and one of the joys of a staycation is that you get to take your pet. There's now even a hotel in London doing afternoon tea for dogs."

Anya also explains why 'Gramping' is the latest trend (going on holiday with grandparents mean everyone has fun and parents get a break) and the reason holidays with big groups of friends are no longer limited to Magaluf madness in your Twenties.

Searching for sea artifacts with a bucket and fishing rod at the beach with grandma.
Gramping: It's a thing! (Getty Images)

Flic reveals her childhood holiday memories, (spoiler: contains rock-pools) and Anya talks the staycation essentials you can't live without, whether you're going Green list, Amber list or Blackpool.

Funny, insightful and very honest - The Life Edit has all the interesting parts of life, with none of the boring bits.

Listen now, and dream of that holiday. But don't go anywhere without us.

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