The New Epson L-Series: Faster, Easier to Use, More Reliable, at a More Affordable Price!

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Epson Philippines Corporation (EPC) recently introduced five new models to its L-Series genuine ink tank system printer line.  The new models provide users with faster speed, easier operation, high print volume, and greater reliability at an amazing lower cost.

New Epson L-series models with FASTER print speed:
Epson L110 and L210 “basic” next generation ink tank system printers - Designed for home and SOHO (small office / home office) users, the basic and more affordable L110 single function and L210 all-in-one ink tank system printers have a 6ipm (images per minute – ISO standard) print speed that is twice as fast as the L100 and L200 models they replace. The L110 and L210 also have a high rated durability of 15,000 pages.

Epson L300, L350, and L355 “advanced” next generation ink tank system printer - For small to medium business users, Epson has also introduced the more advanced L300 single function, and the L350 and L355 all-in-one ink tank system printers. These models offer a productivity-boosting print speed of 9ipm (three times faster than models they replace) and assure users of reliable performance with their high 30,000 page rated durability. The L300 and L350 also come with two additional black ink bottles in the initial package. The L355 has the same specifications as the L350, but with the added feature of Wi-Fi connectivity.

Common key features:
Extremely high print volume and low cost per page - All models in the Epson L-series continue to offer customers high capacity ink bottles (priced at PhP295 each) that allow them to print at incredibly high volume and low cost per page so as to free them from worrying about printing costs. The printers come with a starting set of one black 70ml ink bottle that can print 4,000 black pages and three 70ml color ink bottles that can print 6,500 color pages*. The L300, L350, and L355 (Wi-Fi) come with two additional black ink bottles in the initial bundle. With these inks, the Epson L-series ink tank system printers offer the world’s lowest running cost per page of any branded printer in the market.

Ultra high performing and reliable Epson Micro Piezo print head
- The Epson L-series is made possible by Epson’s advanced “Micro Piezo” print head that has higher reliability and lower operating temperature than competing thermal print head technology used by other inkjet makers. The high reliability of Epson’s Micro Piezo print heads allows them to be built into the printer and users to print high volumes with them. The Epson Micro Piezo print head found in the Epson L-series models achieves a maximum print resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi and its variable size droplet technology (VSDT) allows the print head to eject ink droplets in multiple sizes. These capabilities ensure the greatest detail and extremely smooth gradations in documents or photographs.

Easy operation - The Epson L-series printers feature Epson Original Ink Tanks, neatly integrated ink tubes and a special choke valve, all of which allow for easy ink refilling as well as convenient transportation of the printer.

Peace of mind through Epson warranty - Unlike third-party systems, the Epson L-series ink tank system printers are covered by Epson’s warranty for a year or for 15,000 pages (L110 and L210) or 30,000 pages (L300, L350, and L355), whichever comes earlier.

Key Specifications

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