The top 25 party-list winning the 2013 elections

Kim Arveen Patria
Kim Arveen Patria
Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom
Commission on Elections (COMELEC) officials convene at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), a day after the elections, 14 May 2013. (George Calvelo/NPPA Images)

Winners in the party-list race have yet to be announced eight days after the May 13 elections, but a poll commissioner has bared 25 groups leading the count so far.

The Commission on Elections has already canvassed about 95 percent of the total votes cast during the midterm elections, Commissioner Grace Padaca said.

Groups need 2 percent of the total party-list votes cast to secure one seat in the House of Representatives. A maximum of three seats may be allotted to each group.

"Based on our initial computations with 95 percent of the total party-list votes, 2 percent will not be lower than 200,000, " Padaca said via Facebook.

Leading the race so far are the following groups:
1. BUHAY 1,255,734
2. A TEACHER 1,033,873
3. BAYAN MUNA 945,639
4. 1 CARE 931,303
5. AKBAYAN 820,351
6. AKO BICOL 761,115
7. ABONO 753,161
8. OFW FAMILY 735,854
9. GABRIELA 706,194
11. COOP-NATCCO 640,180
12. AGAP 588,095
13. CIBAC 578,320
14. MAGDALO 561,613
15. AN WARAY 540,210
16. ABAMIN 465,192
17. ACT TEACHERS 449,710
18. BUTIL 437,084
19. ACT-CIS 371,309
20. AMIN 370,351
21. LPGMA 369,989
22. KALINGA 367,839
23. TUCP 365,299
24. YACAP 364,278
25. AGRI 363,204

Padaca, however, noted that a formula will be followed in determining the number of seats that will be given to the groups.

Votes reaching 400,000 will not automatically entitle a group to two seats, or 600,000, three seats, Padaca explained.

The Comelec en banc, sitting as the National Board of Canvassers, expects a partial proclamation of winning groups by Thursday or Wednesday.

The protracted party-list count was again suspended Wednesday with 68 certificates of canvassed still uncounted.

The poll body began counting party-list votes only on Monday, after suspending it a day after the polls amid questions raised over disqualified groups.

Padaca stressed that the NBOC has already canvassed bulk of the total votes cast for party-lists with only some overseas absentee votes left uncounted.

A total of 304 certificates of canvass should be generated from the May 13 polls. These include 196 COCs from voting centers abroad, about 80 of which had zero votes.