Therapist reveals the ‘very significant’ details you should know 6 months into a relationship: ‘This is so good’

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Therapist Jeff Guenther is drawing plenty of praise with his list of need-to-know dating details.

The licensed professional counselor uses his popular TikTok page (@therapyjeff) to share major relationship tips. One video, shared in mid-April, seemed to particularly resonate with viewers.

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Guenther’s post? A list of the 15 “small but very significant” things you should know about your partner after six months.

The list features a healthy mix of major personal insights and seemingly minor details.

For example, Guenther says by that point in a relationship, you should know your partner’s favorite food, their favorite movie and how long it takes them to get ready.

On the other hand, he suggests also being sure to learn more intimate details, such as their biggest turn-ons and their biggest insecurity.

The list also includes questions like “Who is their best friend and why?” and “Which family member triggers them the most?” Guenther’s last questions seem to be those that affect both members of a partnership directly, such as “What do they ultimately want out of this relationship?” and “What do they allow themselves to financially splurge on?”

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Guenther’s list isn’t comprehensive, and, in fact, he ends the video by asking viewers what they’d add to his list. However, his questions are diverse enough to spark plenty of supportive comments.

“This made me realize how much we have grown in our relationship,” one user wrote. “U are amazing.”

“This is so good,” another agreed.

“I wish I could have done couples counseling with my ex with someone like you,” another wrote.

“15/15. Yes, we are going to marry next month,” another added.

Others, however, joked that the list was way too detailed.

“I feel like this guy hasn’t dated men before,” one user commented. “We need to bring the bar lower or I will be single forever.”

“This is so much work, I don’t have it in me,” another added.

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