Things to keep in mind when in Lapu-Lapu City

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LAPU-LAPU City Mayor Junard "Ahong" Chan issued an executive order that seeks to address the rising cases of Covid-19 in the city.

Chan issued Executive Order No. 2021-010 over the weekend that generally prohibits the gathering of people.

Executive Order No. 2021-010 prohibits the following:

1. Public gatherings

  • zumba;

  • group exercises;

  • birthday parties;

  • general assemblies;

  • conferences (work-related);

  • trainings and other activities that involve public gathering.

2. Liquor ban.

Selling of liquor shall be prohibited even to those with an existing permit to sell.

Drinking in public and in private places shall be prohibited.

Considered private places are garages, roads and common areas in private subdivisions and residences.

3. Video and karaoke ban.

Videokes and karaokes are prohibited inside residences and licensed establishments.

Videoke and karaoke bars are only allowed to serve food but no singing.

4. Quarantine pass is back.

The number coding of quarantine passes in public and private markets, supermarkets, department stores and convenience stores will be strictly enforced.

5. Minors and senior citizens.

Minors below 15 years old and senior citizens above 65 years old are not allowed in restaurants.

Exempted: Hotel and resort guests

6. Dine-in and take-out.

Restaurants and food outlets in a 24-hour service can only accommodate dine-in customers until 10 pm, after 10 pm only take-outs are allowed.