Things you need to have in this ‘new normal’

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ARE you fully vaccinated? Congratulations! You have done your part not only to protect yourself but also to protect the people around you.

But it doesn’t mean you can start acting complacent because the virus is still lurking around. Remember that you are your own hero, so you have to do what you need to do to guard yourself. And just like superheroes, you need shields—and not just a face shield and surgical face mask. Extra protection is way better than no protection at all.

As they say, “better safe safe than sorry.” Here are some accessories that will help you in adding more layers of protection against the virus, and make your life a little comfortable in this “new normal.”

Foot Disinfectant Mat from TradeX Cebu

Don’t bring germs and bacteria inside your nest. Make sure to disinfect your outside footwear before bringing it inside by using a foot disinfectant mat. This disinfection is called Foot Baths to many. It is designed to clean and disinfect shoe soles before entering an establishment in order to kill any virus you may have stepped on along the way.

TradeX Cebu’s sturdy plastic tray with anti-slip mat filled with disinfecting solution would be a perfect welcoming committee in your home or office.

The shop also offers personal protective equipment, alcohol and sanitizers in gallons, and automatic alcohol dispensers.

Visit TradeX Cebu on Facebook to order.

Sanikey Touchless Tool from SR Trading

What’s a better way to use the ATM key pad or elevator buttons, open public doors, or turn on or off the faucet in a public restroom without touching it and minus the hassle of wearing gloves?

A Sanikey Touchless Tool, which basically serves as an extension of your finger and creates space between you and all surfaces that might have bacteria or germs.

Apart from this safety tool, SR Trading, a one-stop shop for one’s health and safety needs owned by a millennial medical technologist slash entrepreneur, also offers other useful accessories such as an ear guard, a piece used to hold the elastic straps of a face mask to alleviate pain or irritation on ears; and cute mask keepers where you can store your extra masks or used one when you’re eating or drinking.

It also produces a powder-scented 70 percent Ethyl alcohol, which is a best-seller, to provide a disinfectant that “does not only effectively clean, but more importantly, nourishes and moisturizes your skin every time you disinfect”—with a touch of nostalgia, according to the owner Mikael Ericcson Torrefiel.

SR Trading, which means “Son of Ricardo,” inspired by Mikael’s father’s name, is also committed to give back to the community. Recently, it was able to distribute more than 500 face shields and face masks for free in northern Cebu through its “Tote-Tulong Ako Project.”

Check out SR Trading on Facebook and Instagram on @srtradingcebu or on Couch Potato.

UV Disinfection Lamp from E+ Trade

Most disinfecting services include a package with a UV disinfection. What is UV disinfection? Ultraviolet (UV) light has a long history as a disinfectant. It is known to kills germs like bacteria through damaging molecules like proteins and nucleic acids which makes the germ incapable of fulfilling a function that it needs to survive.

E+ Trade’s UV Disinfection Lamp is sleek and stylish, will fit in your home’s aesthetic and won’t occupy much space.

With its goal of helping its customers create a cleaner and healthier home and life, E+ Trade also offers other essentials, equipment and electronics including a good quality finger pulse oximeter to help you measure your pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation (Sp02) and heart rate with a waveform that has four adjustable directions, and hospital-grade disinfectants, to name a few.

E+ Trade is located on Edison St., Lahug, Cebu City across Shell and is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Smart Mask from Yook

With a goal of helping everyone “Brave The New World,” lifestyle brand Yook provides everyday products to boost the confidence of people to get on with their lives without worry, such as its face shield called Yook Shield, a cool-looking face shield with anti-fog coatings and UV 400 protection, which helped the brand gain popularity when it launched to the public in October 2020.

After the success of its kickoff, it diversified and introduced new products including its YookMaxx, an ultra modern smart mask with the latest technology that ensures safe and relaxed breathing even during high-intensity activities; YookMist, a line of products that includes All-Surface Disinfectant, and Thermal Fogging Solution; Yook Fogger (fog machine); Yook Bubble Gun (hand-held nano disinfecting spray).

Yook wanted to go to the cooler, more relatable route—from the branding to the products it put out as it wants consumers to enjoy and “feel cool whenever they own and use our products,” according to the Yook Squad (owners). “We wanna continue being creative in hopes that people will wanna take part in the lifestyle we’re designing along with our products,” they added.

Yook is located on the ground floor of Ayala Center Cebu, or check it out online at or on Lazmall.

Face Mask Holder from 17Canvas

Though this is not a tool to protect you, this trendy accessory is functional and fashionable as it is an excellent way to keep your mask from getting lost or misplaced or it allows you to quickly put it back on when you need to take off your mask for a drink or quick bites. Handle @17canvas on Instagram creates an array of charming designs of face mask holders using dainty and cute beads. You can even choose your own design with your name on it to add a personal touch.

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