After three decades, Andrew E. still enjoys the limelight

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Over 18 years after its debut, rapper-comedian Andrew E.’s 2003 hit song “Shoot! Shoot!” resurfaces on Tiktok as a viral dance craze. The titular song gets a movie that is set to premiere this Oct. 8.

Andrew E. started booming in the music industry after his debut song, “Humanap Ka Ng Panget” released in 1990. This song started his career in rapping and also gave him the opportunity to showcase his acting breaks. Decades may have passed from when he started in the entertainment scene but Andrew E. proves that he still has it.

The comedian said that he did not expect his hit song, “Shoot! Shoot!” would go viral as a dance craze in Tiktok. He shared that he wrote it through the inspiration of a long-distance relationship in 2003. Although the song was not penned based on his personal accounts, he made sure to incorporate a piece of him in the song.

“Even if I didn’t have the experience of having a long-distance relationship at that time, I challenged myself when I wrote ‘Shoot! Shoot!’ that I would put myself in the song. I made sure it was fool-proof. I was surprised when ‘Shoot! Shoot!’ resurfaced again on TikTok. I couldn’t believe it,” he said.

“The value of the songs that I did through the years continues to entertain the public. Old or new songs, the public still looks for my songs that entertain them,” the rapper-comedian shared.

In his upcoming “Shoot! Shoot!” movie, he is joined by one of the hottest celebrity stars in this generation, Sunshine Guimary and AJ Raval. He admitted that with his age, he could not believe that he could still have intimate scenes with young sexy stars.

“Maybe, that explains my appreciation of Boss Vic (del Rosario) of me. He still finds me, until now, as an artist who can deliver and still create something that people would love. An underdog like me will still end up in the arms of good-looking, sexy ladies,” he explained while expressing his gratitude to Viva Entertainment’s big boss.

When the press conference was about to end, Andrew E. revealed a couple of things. The pandemic paved the way for him to work on completing his next album. Currently, the album is entitled, “Katrentaduhan,” and now has a 10-track outing, with three songs already recorded and released.

He also jokingly revealed that there is a high possibility that he will produce his own movie and that it might even be a change from his forte genre—from comedy to drama.

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