Three puppies dumped in a sack rescued moments before they were thrown in bin lorry

This is the heart-warming moment three puppies were rescued after being dumped in a sack which was moments from being tossed into a rubbish truck.

The pooches were stuffed in the yellow canvas sack which was tied and left among a pile of garbage in Malabon City, the Philippines on August 14.

Concerned neighbour Myrna Asgari, who works nearby, saw a bin man collect the bag when she heard yapping and barking coming from inside.

Myrna dashed over to intervene seconds before they were about to be killed by being hurled into the truck.

The Good Samaritan said: "I heard the faint barking from inside the sack. Then when I saw them being picked up to be put in the truck I ran over to stop them.

''The garbage collector said he was asked to dispose of the dogs because they have skin problems. I thought there was only one inside, when I opened it, there was three of them."

Myrna called her brother to bring a cage so they can take the three home.

She added: "One of them had a deformity in the legs. Maybe the previous owner kept them inside a small cage for a long time. They have abnormal growth as well.''

The mixed-breed dogs could have been a result of failed breeding and were dumped after a while, she said.

The three dogs were taken to Happy Endings shelter, a dog haven in Bulacan where they will be taken care of until they find a new home.

All three of them are recovering well from the ordeal.