Three-row Jeep Grand Cherokee sheds camo in new spy photos

Byron Hurd
·2 min read

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Jeep's prototype three-row Grand Cherokee model was caught in the wild yet again this week, this time wearing significantly less camouflage than it was the last time we got a good look at it

With the loose-fitting vinyl removed from its flanks and rear haunches, this prototype takes on a familiar shape. The Grand Cherokee appears as though it will wear its extra length with grace. The added rear overhang is noticeable in the prototype's profile, but it's incorporated into the design well enough that it doesn't really stand out unless you're looking for it.

This new three-row variant will slot above the existing five-seater and effectively replace the Dodge Durango, which is not expected to survive the end of this model cycle. 

We're not sure what to expect under the hood of the new Grand Cherokee, but recent debuts have given us some solid breadcrumbs for speculation. We’ve heard rumors (and even seen a patent drawing) of an inline-six engine that is expected to replace the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 at the low end, and we suspect that even with the added mass of a longer body, a six-cylinder will likely be the base engine. 

While GM's full-size SUVs are offered with multiple V8s, crosstown rival Ford has eliminated them from its body-on-frame models, opting instead for variants of its EcoBoost V6. The larger Grand Wagoneer will likely offer V8 power, and we wouldn't be surprised to see it as an option on the Grand Cherokee too, even if it is only in SRT-engineered halo models. 

Most tellingly, however, the Grand Wagoneer's near-production concept was depicted as a hybrid — a plug-in, no less — but that's all FCA has been willing to let on so far. We expect that the beefy PHEV powertrain in the new Wrangler 4xe will make its way into other FCA/Stellantis products in relatively short order. Its V8-challenging 375 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque would be more than enough engine even for a hefty midsize three-row.