Tick these off your ‘eat list’

Cassandra C. Poculan
·2 min read

As you probably can tell by now, there’s nothing the SunStar Live! Team loves more than indulgent treats that incite Instagram-envy. More than what’s on the outside though, it’s the taste that should reign supreme but taking those few extra steps to add oomph to your product does up your chances of getting Cebuanos’ attention. These are the treats that made our list this week:


Where: Sip Cafe (Streetscape, Banilad)

This trendy dessert from Korea has made its way into Cebu’s foodscape and we couldn’t be more thankful. A portmanteau of “croissant” and “waffle,” the croffle is made by placing buttery croissant in a waffle iron for a few minutes and topping it with your sweet or savory items of choice. We’re loving Sip Cafe’s version, which has caramelized banana, house-made gelato and a drizzle of Nutella.

Tsunami Cake

Also known as a pull-me-up cake, the tsunami cake is a pleasure for both the eyes and the taste buds. The frosting is suspended in an acetate cake collar which when removed, gives way to a mesmerizing cascade of icing over the sides of the cake--yes, like a tsunami. Some are Disney-themed, others are studded with sprinkles and candies, and some have chocolate decadence all over.

Twice-baked Croissants

Where: Plantation Bay’s Bakeshop

Croissants are made by laminating dough, or rolling and folding butter into dough to create multiple thin layers of flaky pastry. Plantation Bay’s Bakeshop has been known for its croissants for quite sometime now but just recently, it introduced a jazzed up version of the classic. The twice-baked croissants come in six flavors: pizzaola, Elvis (peanut butter, banana and bacon), frangipane, chocolate walnut, ube and cashew and honey-glazed.

Leche Flan Donuts

Where: @BakedbyKCebu (Facebook)

This specialty donut is filled with caramel custard, topped with creamy flan and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Inspired by a Filipino-owned bakery in New York City, these leche flan donuts from Baked by K uses croissant dough instead of the usual brioche as vehicle for its richer and denser flan.

Mochi Donuts

Mochi donuts use glutinous rice flour which yields a dense and delightfully chewy dough, similar to that of Japanese mochi desserts. The fried dough resembles flowers or teething rings, and the balls are easy to pull apart so you can enjoy them like you would donut holes.