Tiger zodiac forecast: Males will have a bright wealth fortune while females should beware of romance issues

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In the Golden Ox year, those born in the year of the Tiger will see the sun star entering your palace of life. Feng Shui and Numerology master Xie Yuanjin pointed out that the sun represents men, and men born in the Tiger year are expected to have outstanding performances in career, health, and wealth sectors. Women born in the year of the Tiger are still considered to have good overall fortunes. Still, they need to pay attention to their romance and interpersonal relationships as problems are prone to appear in these aspects.

Women need to beware of unwanted love attention

In the monthly fortune section, those born in the year of the Tiger see your best months in the second, third, fifth, ninth, and tenth lunar months. In March, with the help of the nobles, your wealth sector is prosperous, making it suitable for investment and financial management. In the fifth month, you can cooperate easily with others but beware of stress. For ninth and tenth lunar months, males will find romance, but ladies need to beware of unwanted advances.

The fourth, sixth, seventh, and eighth lunar months are bad. You will find yourself in disagreements with others during the fourth, sixth, seventh lunar months, resulting in injury or financial loss. Pressure continues to increase in the eighth month.

On the whole, those born in the year of the Tiger enjoy prosperous fortune in 2021. Remember to avoid unwanted romance advances and temptations, regardless if you are male or female.

If you want to improve your fortune, Xie suggests that you can place a cornucopia, a crystal cave or six emperors' money at home, according to the nature of your work. Those working in administrative jobs can place them in the south while business owners can put it in the west sector at home.

Analysis based on birth years

■Born in 1950, 72 years old:

Maintain a positive outlook in life, go out for walks often, and meet up with friends and family.

■Born in 1962, 60 years old:

Males get to meet nobles and receive help, while females should focus on putting their best in everything they do. Overall, it is a good fortune.

■Born in 1974, 48 years old:

Stressful year ahead, especially during the first half of the year. Career and finances can be challenging. Nobles are around to help you.

■Born in 1986, 36 years old:

With the best fortune amongst Tiger people, as long as you seize the opportunity and work hard, your rewards will be bountiful.

■Born in 1998, 24 years old:

Money loss is inevitable, and you will be overworked. Men are fortunate to be helped by the nobles, and women are advised to be patient. 2021 is a suitable year for further training and practice.

■Born in 2010, 12 years old:

Overall fortune is good.

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