TikTok food artists to follow for some culinary inspiration

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With the numerous creative recipes and food trends popping off on TikTok, it’s not surprising that users are combining their culinary and artistic skills to make incredible, eye-catching dishes. From a floral gelatin expert to a fashion designer whose clothes are made out of munchies, food artists on TikTok make playing with food look sophisticated. If you want to get your creative cooking juices flowing, here are five food artists on TikTok whose work is a true delight for the eyes.

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1. Alejandra De La Cruz (@jellobyalejandra)

Alejandra De La Cruz (@jellobyalejandra) is a Houston-based food artist specializing in gelatin desserts with elaborate floral designs. De La Cruz uses a food syringe to painstakingly inject colored gelatin into a clear base to form each flower petal by petal. As beautiful as the finished products are, watching De La Cruz make them is just as interesting. From a red chrysanthemum to a rainbow rose, De La Cruz can create an entire garden out of gelatin.

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2. Mia (@mialovefoods117)

TikToker Mia (@mialovefoods117) has garnered a sizable following for her delicately detailed dishes. Her pastel-hued step-by-step tutorials for recipes such as strawberry sugar cookies or a breakfast bagel are like watching ordinary food transform into an extraordinary masterpiece.

3. Macaron Barbie (@macaronbarbie)

Food artist Jules (@macaronbarbie) is a macaron queen. Using assorted fondant, icing colors and intricate baking tools, Jules takes your average disc-shaped macarons a step further by turning them into fun characters such as Buzz Lightyear and adorable lounging potatoes.

4. Nikk Alcaraz (@nikkalcaraz)

Food artist Nikk Alcaraz (@nikkalcaraz) creates dishes with a dark side. Each spooky serving features ordinary ingredients painstakingly altered to look like a scary movie on a plate. Alcaraz’s quiet and eerie narration that accompanies his recipes for menacing meals like a Hocus Pocus pot pie and an edible eye bouquet adds another layer of creativity, making his videos especially entertaining. Here, he takes on Stranger Things.

5. Ruby Perman (@rubyperman)

TikToker Ruby Perman’s (@rubyperman) work is a clever combination of fashion, food and entertainment. Her process involves pasting a celebrity’s face on a plate, then using whatever food and ingredients are needed to style a fashionable look. Some examples include Kylie Jenner looking fresh to death in a kale ball gown and Billie Eilish pushing sartorial boundaries with this Froot Loop couture look. Here, Sia is outfitted in fondant bows and lollipops.

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