‘The Office’ fans are freaking out over a TikTok user’s ‘amazing’ TV discovery: ‘I had no idea’

Dillon Thompson
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TikTok users have a new favorite TV show: a Muppets The Office parody.

If that show sounds too crazy to exist, it’s probably because it’s true. The Muppet-starring TV show, which aired for one season in 2015, isn’t an exact, puppet-filled replica of The Office.

It is, however, extremely similar. The series, simply called The Muppets., is a direct parody of mockumentary-style sitcoms. Apparently, a large portion of TikTok users never knew it existed.

The series, like so many movies and TV shows before it, is getting a new life on TikTok, with users commenting how excited they were to discover that a Muppets The Office parody exists.

“Oh my gosh I had no idea … You changed my life,” one user wrote.


“How does no one know this,” another added.

The hype around The Muppets., which has spread through several viral TikToks, seems at least partly tied to Gen Z’s obsession with The Office. Thanks to the sitcom’s long run on Netflix, it managed to find a new, younger audience who, in many cases, rewatched it endlessly.

It’s hard to know if that newfound audience will help boost re-watches of The Muppets., but at least some TikTokers seem ready to binge the series. The show, which centers around the backstage workings of a talk show starring Ms. Piggy, is currently available on Disney Plus.

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