This TikTok of a woman squatting in the gym is dividing people

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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

As the is it gold is it blue? dress moment proved all too well, dividing opinion on social media is really not that hard. And, when it comes to GymTok, that couldn't be truer. From arguing in the comments section over the best way to work your glutes to critiquing someone's deadlift skills, there's always some kind of disagreement brewing between gym-going TikTokers. But, the latest GymTok clip dividing viewers has much less to do with the perfect squat style and more to do with, what we'd say, should be basic gym etiquette.

It all started when TikToker @libbychristensen shared a clip from her latest gym sesh with her 91.3k followers. In the clip, Christensen can be seen squatting on an exercise machine as a man sits on a bench behind her. "I just need to shout out this man who was behind me while it was hack squatting bc I was so uncomfy that I was being stared down," Christensen wrote in the text of the video. "But very thankful that my booty was not his focus <3 watched this back & felt at ease."

"Ty [thank you] for your service kind sir," she wrote in the caption of the post, which has since racked up 5.6 million views. Some gym-goers welcomed the clip, agreeing with Christensen's viewpoint and taking to the comments section to note that "any decent guy" would do the same.

"Head stays looking at the ground or your phone till your [sic] done with the set" wrote one TikToker, while another put: "I think there’s more guys doing everything they can to make sure it's very clear they’re not staring at women in the gym."

But, the sentiment wasn't shared by everyone on the social media platform, with others suggesting Christensen should pay more attention to her workout than those around her, while some people pointed out that perhaps she had violated his privacy by recording him without his knowledge.

"Maybe just focus on your mind muscle connection instead of what everyone else is doing and you might make gainz [sic]" said one person, as another added "What about making others feel uncomfortable because you just have to record what you’re doing there. What if he doesn’t want to be on someone's video?"

Elsewhere, some users commented on Christensen's gym gear, accusing her of wearing clothes that are "too revealing".

"I literally wear baggy sweatpants and baggy t-shirts to the gym & guys still stare," replied a supportive follower, as another simply said: "Haters gonna hate keep up the good work."

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