TikToker finds brand new Le Creuset set while thrifting

Morgan Greenwald
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thrift store shopping
thrift store shopping

A TikTok went thrifting and left with the ultimate kitchen find.

The user, photo stylist Ann Marie Elaban, uploaded a video of her epic haul on Oct. 16. “Best thrift find of the year!!!!” she captioned the video, which has more than 52,000 likes.

So what exactly did Elaban find while thrifting? Hidden in the home goods section, she discovered a brand new 4-piece set of Le Creuset Mini Cocottes, which retail for $100.

“This can’t be real,” Elaban says as she opens the box. “Freaking out.”

But indeed it is real! In the box are four brand new mini cocottes, tags and all. One of the mini cocottes has a broken handle — but as many users pointed out in the comments, all Le Creuset products come with a lifetime warranty.

So, how much did Elaban pay for this incredible find? “I snagged them for $12,” she revealed in the video. Unreal!

TikTok users were just as shocked as Elaban was after watching the video.

“The way I just screamed out loud at this,” one person said. “My neighbors are def gonna be concerned.”

“My jaw dropped when I read the box,” another added.

“Dude those things are friggin expensive,” a third wrote. “That person does not know what they have just lost.”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to look up the closest thrift store.

If you want to try your luck thrifting online, check out the massive online thrift store ThredUp.

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