TikTokers dumbfounded by home chef’s ‘game-changing’ trick for shredding chicken: ‘Best life hack of my adult life’

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A TikTok user is going viral after sharing their “game-changing” life hack for how to shred chicken without a fork.

The cooking tip is just one of the countless tricks to go viral on the app. In recent weeks, users have also shared their hacks for keeping bread from going stale, stopping veggies from going bad and even making an omelet in a bag.

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Now, user @raising.wildlings_ is blowing minds with her tip for shredding chicken without a fork. The TikToker’s clip has drawn more than 26 million views in just five days.

Her tip? Don’t break up the meat with a fork or some other manual tool — instead, use a hand mixer.

In the clip, @raissing.wildllings_ shows a pot filled with cooked chicken. Then, she turns on a hand mixer and sticks it into the container, shredding the meat within seconds.

“Honestly, best life hack of my adult life,” she captioned her post.

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Many TikTokers were impressed by the life hack. Some called it “life-changing,” “game-changing” or “so smart.”

“Need to show this to my mom,” one user wrote.

“Wait, you’re telling me I could’ve done this the whole time?” another added.

A few commenters seemed underwhelmed, though — mostly because they said they were already aware of the trick.

“I’ve been doing this forever,” one user wrote.

Either way, @raissing.wildllings_’s video has managed to draw millions of views each day since it was posted, so it’s clear there are plenty of users who didn’t know how to shred chicken this way.

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