‘Til We Meat Again

Romayne Danielle Rivera
·2 min read

ABSTAINING to consume meat every Friday is one of the many acts of repentance one does during the Lenten season.

A tradition done by Catholics for so long it dates back to the early Church, it has slowly become a more common practice among people sans the intention of solely doing it every Lent.

Regardless if one is vegan, vegetarian, or simply trying to repent on their sins, here are six food establishments to try on meatless Fridays!

La Cucina di Ella | Facebook: @lacucinadiella

Specializing in Neapolitan pizza, La Cucina di Ella also caters to plant-based clients with their vegan pizza.

Planning to get one packed with meat for the weekend? They accept split orders!

Plantz vs. Zombiz | Facebook: @plantzvszombiz

Nope, not the famous online game but a plant-based food delivery service in Cebu City!

With options like vegchon kawali, vegan liempo, and plant-based sisig, you surely wouldn’t miss meat.

Want to go meatless for a week? Try their plant-based meal subscriptions.

FITtish | Facebook: @fittishcebu

Who would’ve ever thought buffalo wings could be vegetarian? FITtish did!

A vegetarian/vegan restaurant that aims to provide quality vegetarian dishes, FITtish has a variety of plant-based meals like Meatless Teriyaki, Cauliflower Buffalo Wings, and get this-- Vegan Dinuguan!

Eden Green Vegan Foods Delivery

As friendly as any friendly person can get, Eden Green Vegan Foods Delivery calls their patrons and even curious cats “kai-vegan!”

One of the pioneers in vegetarian/vegan restaurants in the city, Eden Garden was a vegetarian restaurant near Parian Mabini street, Cebu City in 2002-2003.

Strongly sharing its advocacy to promote a healthy vegetarian diet, Eden Garden reopened in 2017 as a vegan food delivery service.

Aside from plant-based meals, they also offer soy milk and whole wheat bread!

The Green Canteen | Facebook: @thegreencanteencebuph

“Budgetarian at its finest!”

The Green Canteen, located along Casino Español, across Velez Medical Arts New Building, is a budget-friendly restaurant that offers, you guessed it, vegetarian dishes.

One has the option to dine-in or have food delivered right at their doorstep.

Healthy and sustainable, their advocacy goes beyond the dishes they serve as they do the deliveries themselves using an e-scooter.

GAÏA | Facebook: @GaiaSimplyNature

GAÏA is the winner for SunStar’s Best of Cebu, Best Vegan Food 2020!

Primarily known for its budget-friendly vegan meals and detox juices, the restaurant also whips out family favorite dishes like vegan caldereta and vegan calamari to name a few.

They also have unique dishes such as charcoal vegan burger, double decker black pizza, and the writer's personal favorite, vegan pizza.