#20PHnet: A timeline of Philippine Internet

Alora Uy Guerrero
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    Now I realize that my Yahoo email account is already 16 years old, and the oldest email in my inbox is dated January 19, 1998. Yeahbah!
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    The internet has become so widespread that some are already dwelling on the online world more than their real world. And sometimes their online personality is very much different from their true selves.
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    i still remember the sound of the router...lol
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    1994 is the year I started the internet. The sound of connection is just muusic to my ears..Americas top 40 with rick dees, yahoo as always, yahoo chat, icq, mirc were just one of the sites that was keeping me busy those days. Rewind!
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    all is well
    i started the internet with a bunch of pop up p0rn0 sites.
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    Bruno Sardine
    Gone were the days na mag-eexpire ung email address mo dahil wala ka namang ka e-mail at di mo binubuksan. lol
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    That was the time when Philworld online and Pacific Internet were the top 2 ISP competitors. The fastest speed way back then was a "fast, blazing" 56k dial-up connection haha.
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    Who Am I To Judge
    Playing Starcraft! Modem to Modem!! tapos pag walang call waiting ung landline tapos may tumawag patay ma didisconect na sa games! haha!
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    Little Missus
    I remember our internet connection before is a dial-up one. It was so slooow.. ma-stretch talaga patience mo. Haha! Tapos load2x pa nun- 50 or 100 pesos mga 6-12 hours lang. Hehe! Patingi-tingi lang talaga ang browsing kasi madaling maubos. tsk! Uso pa yung chat2x sa Yahoo Group chats, mIRC chat, tapos Google or Yahoo search lang ng mga celebs. May Limewire pa at BearShare for downloading music na aabot ng 1hour for each song. LOL. Ngayon, kahit cellphone lang gamit, ma-access mo na lahat at a considerably faster speed.
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    my 1st email -- edsamail :)