‘Tiny’ mom shows off ‘adult-sized’ twin babies in viral TikTok

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This mom on TikTok is going viral due to the extraordinary difference between her “tiny” stature in comparison with her “adult-sized” twin babies!

TikToker Alexis Mejia (@themejiafamily_) is a busy mom of twin girls, Camila and Elena, who recently went viral due to the large size of her twins. Mejia often posts videos comparing her own stature to her daughters’ sizes, earning her the nickname “Tiny Mom.” 

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In one clip, captioned, “Why are you carrying two full-grown adults?” Mejia stands in front of the camera, looking quizzically into the lens. Her matching brown t-shirt and shorts, along with the camera angle, highlight her petite frame. 

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Suddenly, the clip cuts to a shot of Mejia holding both babies in one arm. Aside from their adorable chubby cheeks and bewildered facial expressions, one can’t help but notice the twins’ remarkable size. 

While Camila and Elena look more average-sized when their dad holds them, the twins are definitely big for their age.

Viewers all over TikTok are amazed by the twins’ physical build. So much so that Mejia has accumulated over 800k followers and is making the media rounds and obtaining corporate sponsorships from companies like Gerber Childrenswear. 

Like the one featured, Mejia’s videos are filled with comments inquiring about the twins’ size.

“Where did you get live-action vintage cabbage patch dolls?!?!” joked one user. 

“Girl, I just want to know how you popped not one but TWO out. You are DEFINITELY Superwoman. I swear,” one viewer commented. 

“They got a 730 credit score right now as an infant,” someone teased. 

Others were impressed by how Mejia could hold both supersized babies in one arm. 

“Two babies in one arm? I get tired from carrying one in both arms,” shared one user. 

“I don’t know how your arms aren’t jacked right now. You’re amazing, by the way,” complimented one viewer. 

It remains to be seen how tall Camila and Elena will be as adults, but one thing’s for sure, many people are tuning into Mejia’s TikTok to see how much they grow.

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