Toddler drowns in pail of water in Barili

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A GIRL toddler drowned in the bathroom of her house in Sitio Cansabong, Barangay Candugay in the southern town of Barili, Cebu on Saturday afternoon, September 17, 2022.

The victim was identified as Saljane Pinote Alquizalas, one year and three months old.

Her body was discovered by her mother Jenivie past 4 p.m.

Based on the investigation of Staff Sergeant Erwin Ve Alvizo of the Barili Police Station, the victim was left in the care of her 10-year-old brother while their mother went out to collect their goats.

On her way back to the house, it started to rain, prompting her to quickly gather the laundry hanging on the clothesline.

When she entered the house, she asked her son where Saljane was, but he replied that he didn’t know.

She checked the bathroom and found her daughter curled inside a pail full of water.

Jenevie rushed her daughter to the Barili District Hospital, where the toddler was declared dead on arrival.

Staff Sergeant Jeffrey Alpas of the Barili Police Station told Superbalita Cebu no foul play was involved in Saljane’s death.

He said what happened was an accident.

He said the older brother was busy playing and forgot to look after his little sister, while their father was in Cebu City working in a construction site.