Many Taiwanese regularly receive toilet paper as Christmas gifts

‘Tis the season of giving, with Christmas round the corner. But have you ever opened your presents only to have that sickening feeling of “Not this again!”? Have you tried to console yourself by saying, “It’s the thought that counts”?

Finding the right Christmas gift can be a pain at times. If you cannot come up with creative gift ideas, it is best to stick with the safer options, right? Let’s take a look at the 10 most common presents people in Taiwan receive, or put another way, the presents to avoid giving this Christmas.

10. Mug

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This is the go-to present if you really have no idea what to give, and your creative juices are drying up. Sure, it is a practical gift but mugs are so common that many even take on a second purpose in becoming a pen holder.

9. Jigsaw Puzzle

Not too expensive and creative! But unless you are a puzzle-lover, or someone who enjoys such a patience-testing activity, you would not feel especially happy to receive this. Some Taiwanese netizens even commented that they have received a totally white or totally black puzzle!

8. Hand Cream

This can never go wrong, and is especially useful during winter, or when you visit a cold country. It is such a safe bet that every Christmas, hand creams inevitably make an appearance as one of the presents. Tis the season of receiving hand creams!

7. Gloves

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What better way to fit a chilly winter than a pair of warm and comfy gloves? But gloves are a necessity and everyone would already make sure they are prepared for the winter, which leaves this gift little chance to put to good use.

6. Toilet Paper

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Once wrapped up, this practical present looks huge and stylish. But giving toilet paper is limited to informal Christmas gift exchanges. If you do this for a gift exchange where people have thoughtfully prepared presents, then be prepared to celebrate Christmas alone next year. But it seems toilet paper is not the worst trolling present, for one Taiwanese netizen said she received sanitary pads before!

5. Cushion

Cushions are a common present but this fever never dies down because of their funky designs. In Taiwan last year, the shrimp-shaped cushion was very popular. So if you are planning on giving cushions, choose something cute and peculiar. Just don’t give a cockroach cushion like one Taiwanese netizen received.

4. Rug

Photo: Pixabay

Be it a cartoon-design carpet or bathroom mat, this is an inexpensive yet useful gift – but perhaps only applicable to people whose house is missing a rug. Or it is not bad if it is a premium product, like one Taiwanese netizen mentioned.

3. Toiletries

Toiletries are controversial as presents, as some people love to receive them while some are dumbfounded by them. But some toiletries are packaged so nicely and conveniently such as in a travel set, that you would just pick it up and head to the cashier without thinking twice.

2. Perfume

Photo: Pixabay

Elegant and exquisite, but tricky. How do you choose a perfume that suits everyone? If the receiver does not like it, chances are the perfume may become a high class air freshener, or may be passed to another as present.

1. Soft Toys

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Every year when it reaches Christmas, giving soft toys would pop up as a viable option for many. When you are tired, these soft toys can function as a pillow. When you feel lonely, they provide you all the comfort you need. These soft toys can even become an outlet for you to vent your frustrations! With such multi-use characteristics, it is no wonder soft toys are a regular on the list of Christmas presents.

So, having seen the list of top 10 Christmas presents Taiwanese received, are you nodding in agreement already? Or do you have gifts not listed here? Share them in the comments!

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