Tominaga Ai on Twitter hiatus

Tominaga Ai on Twitter hiatus

29 Apr – Japanese model Tominaga Ai is taking a break from her Twitter account, following the news that she is currently dating actor Shioya Shun.

According to Tokyo Hive, Tominaga Tweeted on 23 April that she would be discontinuing her Twitter account for a while for a 'private matter'.

"Everyone, it's a private matter, but I've decided to take a break from Twitter for a little while. I promise I'll be back... so please wait for me to return. I'm sorry," she Tweeted.

While some may speculate that she is trying to avoid the barrage of questions and Tweets from her followers about her new open relationship with Shioya, the 29-year-old has blogged that they were not in a 'real' relationship yet.

"I met him late last year, and while being acquainted as friends, it's true that our friendship developed into love. Still, a friendship is just a friendship. He's an important colleague and friend," she wrote on her blog, just a few days after admitting that they were dating.