‘All Too Well’ make you feel like dancing in the refrigerator light? Meralco weighs in

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The world has been hit with “Red” fever once more—Pinoy Swifties included—after pop icon Taylor Swift dropped the “Red” (Taylor’s Version), the Big Machine and Scooter Braun-less reincarnation of her 2012 hit album. Fans gathered ’round to cry millennial tears upon listening to the fabled 10-minute version of “All Too Well”, once the subject of Swiftian myth, as its short film racked up over 31 million views on YouTube as of writing.

And in case the new video has you inspired to dance “’round the kitchen in the refrigerator light,” Meralco has something to say to Swifties looking to re-enact the scene.

The metro-wide electric company weighed in on Facebook, saying that while twirling around the kitchen with your significant other can be romantic, there’s probably a more cost-efficient way of expressing affection.

“Fellow Swifties,” Meralco wrote, “while it’s romantic to dance around the kitchen, if you leave your refrigerator door open and dance to its light, it would cost P9.79/day*. But wouldn’t it be better to dance beside Christmas tree lights kahit all-night slow dancing pa yan, which will cost around P0.30/hour*?” (But wouldn’t it be better to dance beside Christmas tree lights even if it’s all-night slow dancing, which will cost around P0.30/hour?”

The power company linked this to a viral meme by a certain Francis Quimson of an exceedingly high Meralco bill next to a screenshot of the tender scene.

There you have it, Pinoy Swifties—dance in the refrigerator light, and risk shedding a couple more tears for next month’s power bill.

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